Rising Sun of my life was from the land of Naraina C-129 from one partnership firm name as "MUGAL INTERNATIONAL, Delhi in 1989 at that time I have passed the Exam of 12th. I belong from middle class family. The MUGAL INTERNATIONAL exports Garment mostly for Japan.

Debut my career as a “HELPER” in MUGAL INTERNATIONAL in packing department. MUGAL INTERNATIONAL a partnership firm between two brothers one was Mr. Rakesh Malothara Jee and other was his elder brother Mr. Praveen Malothar Jee. My father has a friendly relation with Mr. Rakesh Jee, so he is my uncle, my boss and also "GURU JEE" (GODFATHER) in export line.

In this organization I was promoted within six months to “Supervision in Measurement Checking Department” from “Helper” and in next six months to “Supervision in Cutting Department”, another twelve months in marketing of Garment Accessories.

One day I was sitting alone and thinking that all I was working was not enough for me to build a bright and safe future than my soul suggests me do something more. I have gone through a deep study in printing line and it attracted me so much that it was a good experience of a year in the process of making different types of fabrics colorful.

But one day I left this line due to certain problem and nobody has knowledge of where I was and what I was doing. But my interest forces me to work in this line and finally on 1998 joined again Mr. Rakesh Jee in his new individual firm named "AMBIKA -OVERSEAS”. This time I gained experience in supervision of "DYEING UNIT" as well as “DEPARTMENT OF FABRIC”.

After marriage in Feb 2002 I was promoted as a “STORE INCHARGE” at head office Naraina. After couple of months I was promoted as a “QUALITY CONTROLLER CUM BRANCH MANAGER” in its Branch in the heart of Sanganer, Rajasthan. In the meanwhile when I was looking after this branch other Exporters and firms also approached me for printing, because most of the firm/exporter does not want to put an extra man for printing. In this regards in DEC 2002 my firm "M/s SQUARE FABRICS" came into existence in the proprietorship of Mrs. Seema Saini my wife. As per my faith and consultation with Astrologer I started this company in Mrs. Seema Saini’s name. Still I am working for both the firms AMBIKA OVERSEAS as well as SQUARE FABRICS. It’s a long time to make SQUARE FABRICS stand firmly and started export business with this firm. I am quite sure that I achieved what I thought.